Be a WGI Brand Ambassador

Have you always wanted to sell premium quality hair extensions to your clients, but you don't want to worry about inventory and upfront cost? You've come to the right place!! 

You'll earn up to 10% commission on each order!

As a Brand Ambassador of Reign hair extensions, you are provided with a tracking link where your customers can purchase online and we'll pay you CASH!

  • Discounted promo bundles for yourself
  • Join our Weave Stylist Directory to get client referrals
  • We promote you on Social Media
  • Sales that are running on apply to all of your customers.
  • You will also be sent special offers and promotions. 

 You'll have access to our Sales Hub with tools to help you sell, business cards and promotional materials.



Do I get a discount on hair for myself?

Yes! You'll get a 40% off the first set of hair for yourself. You'll also get 40% off a full set each quarter, as long as you've made sales in the previous quarter. That way you can try different textures and lengths.

How to I see my sales?

You will have access to your partner dashboard. There, you can view your online visitors, sales and commissions. As long as your customer enters the site with your link you will be credited for the sale and you'll get paid!

How do I get paid?

Payouts will be made by cash via PayPal or by credit on a Weave Got It Canada Gift Card. Payouts are on the 15th and last day of the month, 1 month after purchase once you hit $50 

How do I promote?

Share your promo code on social media! Visit our Sales Hub to order business cards, promo cards, and other promotional items.

Sign into your dashboard to use the tools, posts, email scripts and more that will help you to promote your business. Encourage others to join our mailing list to hear about special offers.

Other ideas:

  • Social Media sharing
  • Contests
  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts (do a guest post on our blog, or start your own)
  • Videos
Do I need a website?

No! You don't need your own website to be a brand ambassador as we give you a custom link that will direct people to 

Apply NOW!

1. Apply below! or Apply as a Stylist!
2. Upon approval, you will be sent your custom referral link.
3. Share your custom URL with your friends and family or add it as a link to your social media and get paid every time you get an order!