What does 8A hair mean?

What does 8A hair mean? 

8A grade hair is a premium grade 100% virgin unprocessed human remy hair with full cuticle laying in the direction of growth and a very strong hair shaft. With proper care, 8A hair bundles can last up to 2 years. It can be coloured up to a light blonde colour and remain in good health.  This hair is considered to be very high quality. Those looking for Peruvian or Cambodian would love this hair.

Should you buy grade 8A hair?

Our Gold line is 8A grade, and a great choice of hair is a great choice for the woman that loves her hair and does a lot with it. This hair will give bounce and volume and is great for styling and holding a hairstyle. 

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This is a perfect choice for the woman who wears her hair in different styles and wants her hair to last a long time. Our Gold 8A hair is very soft, and it doesn't shed, or tangle. This hair is for someone who wants their hair to blow in the wind for the two years that 8A hair can last. 

The grading system

The quality also relates to the care taken to ensure that all of the hairs are close to the same length, don't have split ends or damage. The higher the grade of hair, the more time taken to make sure there are no imperfections. The current grading system goes from 3a hair to 10a hair and it ranges from company to company.
One companies version of 8A hair may not be the same as another, as there is no regulating body that controls what can be considered 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A or 10A hair.  

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Pros & cons of 8A hair

Real 8A hair is priced higher than what most are used to paying for their hair extensions. The difference you're paying for is quality, that will last you up to two years. This grade of hair shouldn't have shedding or tangling and it is great for adding volume. 

What hair grade should you buy? Looking for Brazilian or Malaysian hair? Check out 7A below! 

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...well, now you know what 8A hair means ;)