How many bundles of hair do I need?
The number of bundles of hair extensions you need will depend on the look you are trying to accomplish and the amount of volume you like for your hair. If you are used to buying packs of hair extensions from the hair store, you may want the same amount or 1 extra.

For a full head of weave with the top or little natural hair left out, we recommend at least two bundles for lengths under 18 inches and 3-4 bundles for lengths above 18" to achieve desired fullness.

The longer the length, the more hair you will need as each bundle is approximately 100g, regardless of the length. If you will be finishing your weave or protective style with a lace closure or frontal, you may need fewer bundles for a full head of hair. 

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If you have any other questions about how many bundles you need for your hairstyle, feel free to chat with us!