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Do I have to leave hair out with my weave?

No. A popular option for those who do not want to leave any hair out is a closure. A closure is a way to make the hair look natural. There are different ways to close a weave.       . A Free Part closure has not permanent part. This leave the client open to […]

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How do you wash hair extensions?

Fill a basin with lukewarm water and dissolve a quarter sized amount of shampoo to the water. Place your hair extensions into the basin and massage hair gently from weft to tip. Remove hair extensions from the basin, and rinse with cool water. Place hair extensions into a large ziplock bag.  Add your favourite deep conditioner, and […]

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Can I sleep with my hair extensions in?

Yes. When sleeping with hair extensions in, always wrap your hair, and tie it with a scarf, or tie your hair back into a ponytail. If you are wearing clip in extensions and can’t wrap your hair, we suggest you clip them out for bed, and back in the following morning.

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