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What is a Fine Mono Toupee or Mono Top Wig?
mono base toupée or wigs material close up

If you’re looking for a premiere experience, a monofilament piece can be perfect for your choice of toupee or wig. The mesh material makes it both a breathable and comfortable wig or toupee choice, and it is nearly undetectable against the hairline, though some prefer adding a lace front for a more natural looking growth pattern.

This type of base is great for people suffering from hair severe hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy treatment due to cancer or severe balding. This fabric is nearly transparent, which makes it easily blend with the colour of your scalp. Total control and flexibility giving you the ability to part where you want, and show off the most beautiful hairstyles.

Our collection of toupees & wigs for men and women come in different materials, and can be completely customized. Check out our blog posts on the details about Silk, Lace and Mono based toupees and wigs.

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