5A hair, what does it mean?

5A hair quality definition:

5A hair is a medium grade 100% virgin human hair with a thinner hair shaft. With proper care, 5A hair bundles will last up to 6 months.  It can be dyed up to a medium brown colour and remain in good health. This hair is considered to be a good quality hair. 

Should you buy grade 5a hair?

For someone who won't be using the hair extensions more than one time, 5a hair could be a grade of choice.

Pros & cons of 5a hair.

The largest benefit of buying this hair would be the price. It is a decent quality to last a few months but after that, it most likely wouldn't be usable. This hair will tend to tangle and shed more than higher grades. 

This hair will get tangled more easily than higher grades of hair. The quality also relates to the care taken to ensure that all of the hairs are close to the same length (double drawn), don't have split ends or damage. The higher the grade of hair, the more time taken to make sure there are no imperfections. The current grading system goes from 3a hair to 10a hair.

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...well, now you know what 5a hair means ;)

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