5 Reasons To Try a Lace Front Wig

With the many advantages that come with wearing a lace or lace front wig, it's no surprise that they have become increasingly popular over the last few years.

Though they've been around for centuries - today, wigs still prove to be the best option for quick and easy style changes. But what are the advantages of wearing a wig?



Wigs save you time

Wigs can sometimes be more time efficient than styling your natural hair. For all you busy ladies, a wig can save you time getting ready for work in the morning. You can even bring it to the stylist to have them style it for you styled in advance for any occasion, or for the work week.

Thankfully your wig doesn't need often hair washing as it doesn't build up natural oils like your scalp. Depending on the frequency of use, they should only need to be washed one to two times a month.

A lace front wig like a short bob wig, can become your new best friend. It's easy to curl & style or leave straight.

Wigs are a protective style 

Wearing a wig is considered a protective style. While wearing a wig, your own hair is kept in neat cornrows underneath (we hope). Opting for a wig can improve the health of your natural locks, especially as your not applying heat or chemicals.

Many people find that their natural hair grows longer as they wear wigs. However, never let standards fall! Always remember that your natural hair comes first. Check out our post, 6 Ways to Your Natural Hair Healthy Under Your Wig. Take care of your hair by keeping it moisturized and clean underneath. 



Say no to bad hair days with wigs

Wigs provide you with unlimited styles for whenever you want! The options are virtually endless. Wigs are customizable in color, length, and texture with absolutely no commitment.

If you want a pixie cut but don't want to regret chopping off all your hair, try a wig! If you want blonde hair for the summer but don't want to go through the bleaching process, try a wig! There are no bad hair days with wigs.

We have lots of lengths, textures and wig options in our Lace Front & Full Lace Wig Collection.


Wigs save you money:

Instead of visiting the hair salon every so often to style your hair, you can try a wig that is already pre-plucked, pre-styled and ready to go. This way, not only are you saving you time but your money.

Premium quality wigs like ours can last as long as you maintain them. A regularly used lace front wig has a shelf life of well over two to three years with proper care.


Wigs Restore your confidence:

Both men and women can suffer from hair loss or alopecia due to genetics, hormonal changes, illness etc. Like a woman's brows, your hair can be considered a huge part of your overall appearance. Wigs do a great job in shielding the thinning and restoring confidence.

If you aren't already convinced to try a lace front wig, get 15% off your first wig with NEWWIG15 or reach out to us and ask us any questions you might have.

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