5 Of Our Favourite Lazy Morning Hair Hacks

Hands up if you're actually a morning person. Like really enjoy mornings. Nope? Don't blame you. However, once the coffee is in hand, it's not too bad.

The whole getting ready process often feels like a blur and a bit of a mess. By the time you've decided what to wear and gotten skincare out of the way, hair becomes an afterthought that most of us just can't be bothered with.  

Can you really admit that you've never searched hair hacks for lazy girls?

Well, don't search too hard. We've found some of the easiest hair hacks that will hopefully change your morning routine for the better.

Messy bun and headband combo

Some of us probably know the messy bun very well. Slap a cute headband to cover any lace or edge disasters and before you know it, you've gone from bed head to super chic and stylish.

Tie a head scarf

It's cute and a practical yet trendy way to cover the bed head. A great alternative to a beanie and you can get creative with many styling options and prints. Check out a few of them below.


Dry shampoo works 

Now, we're not saying stop washing your bundles or your hair. We're saying, every so often you need to tame some grease and give your hair some ummf. Dry shampoo truly does its thing. Spray some in and give your hair a shake and boom... you're done.


For all you busy ladies, a wig can save you time getting ready for work in the morning. Near enough to zero fuss, Human hair wigs like ours can be styled in advance for any occasion, or the workweek. Pop it on, and you're gone.


Clip-in hair extensions are easy to apply and really take a matter of minutes. With our custom made clip-ins, simply attach to your hair with our pressure-free clips and protective ribbons so they don't cause breakage or hair loss. You can then style your hair any way you'd like or do a lazy low pony.

We hope those 5 lazy morning hair hacks will help you to speed up your morning routine.

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