It's a great time of year to get close to the ones you love and remember who you do it for. In that spirit, I was inspired to make a card and send a gift to thank our beauties. 

2017 was an exciting year, I'm glad I was able to share it with this man right here. We work really hard to keep it all together, we sacrificed and we did it! 

He asked me why we have to put our picture on the card. It's not the perfect picture and we're not perfect either, but we need to be more proud of what we've done here. We work together all day, every day and sometimes forget, that's not normal, that's #goals. 

We have some amazing things planned for 2018! But for right now, hug up someone you love, and spread the holiday vibes 🇯🇲🎄🎅🏾.  

All the best to you and yours!

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