Everything you need to know about clip-in extensions

Thinking of purchasing some clip-in extensions? Read this.

Clip-in hair extensions are a great alternative to wigs and weave for adding length, volume, and highlights to your natural hair!

Clip-in hair extensions are easy to apply and really take a matter of minutes. Our custom made clip-ins attach to your hair with pressure-free clips and protective ribbons so they don't cause breakage or hair loss.

This extension method costs less than repeat trips to the salon and can last substantially longer with far less maintenance. However, the best part for some is that you can take them in and out whenever you like.

Have questions? Here are five frequently asked questions, answered.

How do I match my hair texture?
Finding the right texture to match your hair is a matter of preference. Start with thinking about how you'll wear your hair with clip-ins most of the time, and go for that texture.

Our clip-ins are 100% human so you can style them with your own hair by straightening, curling or even cutting them. You could also do a custom texture.

How do I find the right color?
Move your hair around, take several pictures and use this as a guide for picking the right color. You can color your wefts to match your own hair yourself or take them to the salon.  We also offer the option to get them custom coloured.

How much hair do I need?
Our clip ins come in sets from 100g to 200g. Deciding how much hair to purchase depends on the length of hair, the fullness of your natural hair and your desired look.

Use our bundles guide as you would need about half of what's recommended for a weave using 100g bundles. Shorter hair will come with more pieces compared to long hair.  

How do I apply the extension to my hair?
Lay out your wefts, sharply part the section of hair you'd like to add more volume to, pick the weft of hair best suited for the section and secure the weft clip on top and snap.

How do I wash the pieces?
Just as you would your natural hair, wigs, or bundles. In the sink or in a bowl, massage the hair with shampoo - don't scrub, condition, rinse and lay flat to dry. For best results, deep condition with every second wash.

Have more questions? Use our messenger to us, we'd be happy to help!

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