6 Back to School Hair Ideas To End #HotGirlSummer with a Bang

The start of the school year is a fun way to reinvent yourself hair-wise. You get a new start, new surrounding, and you're a year older.

With that in mind, it’s the ideal time to try out new creative hairstyles. The key to a good back to school hairstyle is fast, cute and non-damaging to the hair.

End #HotGirlSummer with these 6 ideas for new school year hairstyles.

1. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

First, prep your hair with some leave-in conditioner or mousse to define waves and curls.Then, take the sections from just above the ear and secure it neatly with a hair tie.

After this take a small piece of hair from the middle and wrap around the high pony. Then add some beautiful curls to the bottom half. The messier it looks, the better.

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Short Straight Hair Weaves 

Straight bobs are in. The only question you should be asking is bangs or not? Very cute and stylish hairstyle for school.

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Braided Low Ponytail

To create this simple yet effective hairstyle, grab a brush and your favourite gel.

Slick your hair back into a low pony and use one of our bundles to create the length and start braiding. Within seconds, you'll have a natural-looking braided low pony.

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The Bobby Pin Look

We all love butterfly clips and cutesy bows. But, have you tried getting creative with some bobby pins? If RiRi can do it, so can you.

Double French Braids

We're all aware of the double french braid look. To copy this style with a frontal or leave out, simply part your hair down the centre and tightly braid. Lay your baby hairs and you're good to go.

Slicked Back High Pony 

Add some height and shine to your wig. Run some frizz ease through your wig and carefully comb your hair to the crown of your head and secure with elastic. Slick down your edges and done!

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