3 ways to keep your hair protected & frizz free in the summer

Alright ladies, summer is here! Though we're not mad at rooftop nights and summer fun, the sun can bring a few challenges to our hair. Intense heat can damage your hair or cause dry and flaky scalp. We're here to your rescue with tips on how to keep your hair healthy for the summer.

1. You don't need more heat!

You'll already be spending the day in the sun, so we recommend you avoid heat styling as much as possible. Opt for a new style in the blazing sun such as heatless waves and water waves.
With so many new ways to style your hair without heat, we had to include two of our favourites. The first, is the Curl Band. This heatless styler gives you big beautiful waves. The second, Magic Curlers are great for smaller waves giving you full wavy hair.
Here's an example of what The Curl Band has to offer. 
Both of these heatless styling tools work well with hair bundles or wigs. Throw them in your wigs the night before, and wake up to a salon look. Don't forget it’s also important to use a hair SPF. 

2. DIY hair tamer for frizz

Do you ever feel like your hair frizzes the moment you step outside on a hot humid day? Frizzy hair is a challenge, but little things like getting a spray bottle mixed with your favourite oil and water could do the trick.

Another trick is spraying hairspray on your brush and working it through your hair to tame flyaways. Lastly, invest in the right hair serum and comb it through your hair using a wide teeth comb to help reduce frizz.


3. Stay hydrated


Are you drinking enough water? Not only is it amazing for your skin and nails, but it also does wonders to your hair! In addition to your water intake, make sure that you are eating the right foods and taking your vitamins, biotin especially, to boost healthy hair growth.

Have you tried any of these tips? Let us know what has worked for you.

Happy Summer!

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