1 Year, 1 Set with Patricia J

"Best hair I've ever had"

You may know Patricia Jaggernauth from Toronto's CP24 or from hosting many events like the Black Diamond Ball, and others around the around Toronto and the GTA. We caught up with local celebrity and WGI brand ambassador Patricia J at the salon, to ask her about her experience wearing 1 set of our Gold Body Wave hair extensions for 1 year. 

Patricia's preferred style is 2 bundles of Gold Body Wave and 1 Extra Volume set of clip-ins for versatility in the front.

We asked...

What's your favourite thing about WGI Hair? 

"It's always tangle free, and no shedding! It really doesn't shed." Patricia went on to talk about other hair she's used in the past saying that after a few washes, there wouldn't be much hair left on the weft. With WGI hair, Patricia is able to have her hair washed every week without the worry of replacing bundles.

Patricia J wearing Gold Body Wave - 6 months after initial install

How does it make you feel?

"This hair makes me fee sexy and confident, the hair is always soft and shiny." It's a really great feeling when your hair only needs maintenance. Patricia credits the hands of her hairstylist and close friend Nola Rouse for her weekly refresher. Whether it's doing regular glam for CP24 or total glam for the Harry Jerome Awards, Patricia remains confident as "Weave Got It is with me everywhere I go!".

Patricia has worked with her stylist, Nola Rouse for many years, and can't remember Nola being so excited about working with her hair extensions before. We asked Nola to tell us what she likes about working with our Gold hair extension bundles and clip ins. 

Patricia J wearing same set of Gold Body Wave Bundles & Clip Ins - 10 months later

What makes it different?

Nola was excited to talk to us about her experience with WGI saying that it's the best hair she's ever worked with. Nola says, "The hair is very easy to work. I love the ends, they're not stringy, they're full, they stay healthy and they don't get dry" Nola describes the hair as having weight to it, not light and thin like much of the hair she's worked with in the past. “You give a lot of hair, the bundle is big so 2 is more than enough. We used only 1 and a half last time.” Nola added.

Sara Jaggernauth, @divahollis, @nolarouse, @brandy4ever, @patricia_j & @janifrisku

Patricia J is a true Glam Girl! She has her hair washed and styled professionally a least once a week. Her glam team keeps her on point for all of her events and occasions and we are so happy to be a part of that. Follow

Follow @patriciaj on Instagram or check her out every weekend on CP24.

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